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We've been in network marketing for 20 years and this fact stands out: Long-lasting, successful network marketing businesses are built on a foundation of customers who love their products and use them on a monthly basis. Armed with this fact, we've been helping network marketers build solid, long-lasting consumer-based businesses for over half a decade. In short, we put network marketers in touch with pre-qualified customers who have expressed an interest in their products. With our Internet marketing campaign, we are now finding thousands of consumers who have expressed a definite interest in learning more about the powerful health benefits of Jule of the Orient, TAIslim or TAIslim SKINNYs. They have completed a detailed online health survey and are expecting a representative to contact them.

Targeted, Exclusive SKINNY SAMPLE Profiles

Leave the marketing to us! We advertise on the internet and find thousands of people who are specifically interested in trying a sample of TAIslim SKINNY's, your product. We also offer profiles (leads) of people interested in learning more about TAIslim liquid, Jule of the Orient, GoChi and Business Opportunity.

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After you become a member of FLCustomers you will have access to view all the leads first before purchasing them. We call this "Window Shopping" for your leads. Imagine browsing through an online database of thousands of pre-qualified prospects and then choosing the exact leads you are looking for! This revolutionary concept is virtually unheard of in the lead industry. In addition you can shop for LOCAL leads.
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